About Epic

Epic Dance Complex offers a welcoming, family atmosphere. Our studio waiting area is inviting for students, parents and siblings. We have a TV hooked up to in studio cameras for parents to watch classes. For the students and siblings, we have a variety of fun and educational books as well as toys and colouring pages. Each class bonds together as a small family within the larger, extended family of Epic Dance Complex. The EDC family works as a cohesive team of teachers, students and parents to encourage and help each other grow. We help students set individual and group goals and we together to achieve these goals.


Epic Dance Complex believes that dance is an amazing activity for children to participate in. Beyond the active benefits, dance provides a wonderful environment for children to learn a variety of life skills. From a young age, students are taught how to take turns, how line up and wait for their turn, following directions, listening to a teacher, individual goal setting and attainment, teamwork and manners. As students get older they are also taught about how their bodies work (muscles and bones), practical applications of math, spelling, verbal, history of dance, shapes and understanding of patterns (stage and sequence).


Our faculty is highly qualified and experienced with all ages of students. Epic Dance Complex expects our teachers to continue learning and developing their teaching by attending workshops and courses. We also encourage our students to attend workshops, take dance exams and participate in competitions. These events help propel the students development by learning from different teachers and choreographers and getting the opportunity to perform and get feedback from examiners and adjudicators. 


Epic Dance Complex aims to help our students become the best dancers and people they can be. We encourage our students to work hard in the face of challenges, building their resilience and determination. By teaching our students to never give up, we are showing them that even after a perceived “failure” they will learn and grow as much or more that after a success. Working through their biggest challenges will proved them with greatest personal reward and pride in the end.