Mission Statement

As a dance teacher, my mission is to promote dance in the development of the whole person.  Through nurturing confident learners and instilling self-confidence and self-discipline, my dancers will be confident of their abilities and strive for excellence as they increase awareness of their physical being.  By teaching in a manner that upholds equality, diversity, duty of care and professional conduct and practice, I will provide a positive atmosphere to enhance the overall development of my students.  Along with improving coordination skills and developing muscular awareness, the dance classes I teach give children the freedom to express themselves through movement. 

At my studio, I provide a safe and child-centered environment.  I believe that dance training encourages young people to develop a positive self-image. I am committed to providing high-quality dance education for all students and maintain this by continuing to participate in conferences, workshops, certification programs and other learning opportunities. Bullying, neglect and abuse of students, parents or teachers will not be tolerated.  I will use Anti-Bullying and Self-Esteem Programs for students, parents and teachers to ensure that the studio has a positive, nurturing and success-focused atmosphere. 
With this framework, I will create an environment that fosters a love of dance.