Little Leapers

Your child is curious and is eager to learn new and exciting skills. This dance class has plenty to offer for your child.
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You will be amazed at the what your child will learn in this dance class:

- counting out beats and learning about rhythms,
- learning math skills such as fractions and figuring out how many dancers should be in each line,
- the names of our muscles and how they work All of this in addition to learning how to dance!

Your heart will burst with pride as you watch your child's excitement when they come into dance class and see their dance friends there, ready for for class to begin! In class, your child will be lead through a series of dance activities that will help to build strong bodies plus ingrain concepts such as balance, rhythm and expression. While in class, your child will be social skills such as listening to a teacher and following instructions, taking turns, helping their fellow classmates, following the leader, etc. - all skills that will carry over into pre-school classes.

Your child will be building their confidence and independence as they venture into dance class without Mom or Dad. Your child will feel secure in the knowledge that Mom and Dad are close by if needed. Mom and Dad will be watching the class on the close-circuit TV in the waiting room.
Creative Movement
3 1/2 to 5 years Session Classes (10 to 12 Weeks) or Full Year Classes
Full Year Classes perform one dance in the Year-End Recital
1 Hour Class each week

My daughters loved class. Would recommend Epic dance to anyone. I love the screens you can watch the class on. Such a wonderful idea!

Melissa Zimmer, Parent


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